Certified Ethical Hacker - Online Practice Exam

CEH Exam Simulation

This is a simulation and is for practicing only. Study and Exercise! Don't complain if you did not pass the exam! It's your own fault.

This Online Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exam Simulation will take you on a journey along Fuzz Testing (& Fuzzing vectors), ICMP covert channel tunneling, NMAP, man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM), Encrypting File System (EFS), Alternate Data Streams (ADS), snort, PCAP, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliancy, Penetration testing, Black hats, DHCP snooping, dumpster diving attacks, Stack smashing, Database hardening, Black box testing, Botnet Trojans, Remote Access Tronjan (RAT), Input validation, CAT NETCAT CRYPTCAT, IP Fragmentation, Ping scans, Ping-of-Death (POD), Kernel Rootkits, cavity viruses, Bluesmacking, Bluesnarfing, Bluejacking, intrusion detection systems (IDS), Blind SQL Injection, Grey hats, Cryptography, Slack Space, public-key cryptosystems (RSA), Hash Collision Attacks, Steganography, LM-Hashes, Grey box testing, Polymorphic shellcode , Bastion hosts, Ransomware, Discrete cosine transformations, Honeypots, Security Audits, Dumpster Diving, Ping Sweeps, Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), Buffer overflows, Watering hole attacks, Demilitarized zone (DMZ), Centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA), Session Fragmentation, Malware, Operating Characteristic curves, White hats, White box testing, Forensics, Spread spectrum steganography, Heap Space, Vulnerability Scanners, DHCP Starvation, Steganalysis, Cryptanalysis, Wardriving, Firewalls, and much more!

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